How to strip ansi codes from a string in JavaScript

In this Article we will go through how to strip ansi codes from a string only using single line of code in JavaScript. This is a one-line JavaScript code snippet that uses one of the most popular ES6 features => Arrow Function.

Let's define this short function:

const stripAnsiCodes = str => str.replace(/[\u001b\u009b][[()#;?]*(?:[0-9]{1,4}(?:;[0-9]{0,4})*)?[0-9A-ORZcf-nqry=><]/g, '');


stripAnsiCodes('\u001B[4mcake\u001B[0m');                                                               // 'cake'
stripAnsiCodes('\u001B[0m\u001B[4m\u001B[42m\u001B[31mfoo\u001B[39m\u001B[49m\u001B[24mfoo\u001B[0m');  // 'foofoo'