Adobe XD

A visual cheat-sheet for the 97 keyboard shortcuts found in Adobe XD

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Keys for Edit menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Shift Z Redo
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl Alt V Paste Appearance (Design mode) or Paste Interaction (Prototype mode)
Ctrl D Duplicate
Del Delete
Ctrl A Select All
Ctrl Shift A Deselect All

#Keys for File menu

Shortcut Action
Ctrl N New
Ctrl Shift O Open...
Alt F4 Close
Ctrl S Save...
Ctrl Shift S Save As...
Ctrl Shift E Export Batch
Ctrl E Export Selected
Ctrl Shift I Import

#Keys for Pen/Path

Shortcut Action
P Switch to Pen tool
Alt Asymmetric control point
Shift Snap control point angle
Shift Snap anchor point angle
Ctrl Alt U Add
Ctrl Alt S Subtract
Ctrl Alt I Intersect
Ctrl Alt X Exclude overlap
Ctrl 8 Convert to path

#Keys for Layers (Objects), Groups, and Artboards

Shortcut Action
Ctrl G Group layers
Ctrl Shift G Ungroup layers
Ctrl K Make component
Ctrl L Lock/Unlock layer
Ctrl , Hide/Show layer
Ctrl Shift M Mask with shape
Ctrl R Make repeat grid
1-9 Change layer opacity
Ctrl ; Show/Hide artboard guides
Ctrl Shift ; Lock artboard guides

#Keys for Align

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift Left Left
Shift C Center (horizontally)
Ctrl Shift Right Right
Ctrl Shift Up Top
Shift M Middle (vertically)
Ctrl Shift Down Bottom

#Keys for Arrange

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift ] Bring to front
Ctrl ] Bring forward
Ctrl [ Send backward
Ctrl Shift [ Send to back

#Keys for Distribute

Shortcut Action
Ctrl Shift H Horizontal
Ctrl Shift V Vertical

#Keys for Text

Shortcut Action
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl Shift . Increase font size
Ctrl Shift , Decrease font size

#Keys for Operations menu

Shortcut Action
Alt From center
Shift Constrain
Enter Edit text
Shift Constrain rotate (15 deg)
Shift Line constrain rotate (45 deg)
Shift Alt Constrain from center
Ctrl Direct select
Ctrl Tab Switch between Design and Prototype mode

#Keys for Tools menu

Shortcut Action
V Select
R Rectangle
E Ellipse
Y Polygon
L Line
P Pen
T Text
A Artboard
Z Zoom
Ctrl 3 Zoom to selection
I Eyedropper

#Keys for Interface and Viewing Options

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Zoom in
Ctrl - Zoom out
Ctrl 0 Zoom to fit
Ctrl 1 Zoom to 100%
Ctrl 2 Zoom to 200%
Space Pan
Ctrl Shift Y Assets
Ctrl Y Layers
Ctrl Shift ' Show layout grid
Ctrl ' Show square grid
Ctrl Tab Switch between Design and Prototype mode
Up/Down Increase or decrease a value in a field by 1
Shift Up/Down Increase or decrease a value in a field by 10

#Keys for Design Specs

Shortcut Action
Ctrl +/- Zoom
Ctrl 0 Reset zoom
(arrows) Pan
Shift (arrows) Faster pan
Esc Go from Spec view to UX flow view
Esc Remove focus from artboard in UX flow view

#Keys for Vector Editing

Shortcut Action
Enter Start editing selected vector object
Esc Stop editing selected vector object

#Keys for Prototyping

Shortcut Action
Ctrl A See all connections in prototype mode
Ctrl Enter Preview
Ctrl Shift E Share prototype online
Left/Right Navigate artboards in preview or shared prototype

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