A visual cheat-sheet for the 119 keyboard shortcuts found in Figma

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Ctrl \ Show/Hide UI
Ctrl C Pick Color
Ctrl / Search Menu


Shortcut Action
V Move Tool
F Frame Tool
P Pen Tool
Shift P Pencil Tool
T Text Tool
R Rectangle Tool
O Ellipse Tool
L Line Tool
Shift L Arrow Tool
C Add/Show Comments
Ctrl C Pick Color
S Slice Tool


Shortcut Action
Shift R Toggle Rulers
Ctrl Y Show Outlines
Ctrl P Pixel Preview
Ctrl G Layout Grids
Ctrl ' Pixel Grid
Ctrl \ Show/Hide UI
Ctrl Alt \ Show Multiplayer Cursors
Alt 1 Show Layers
Alt 2 Show Components
Alt 3 Show Team Library


Shortcut Action
Space (drag) Pan
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
Shift 0 Zoom to 100%
Shift 1 Zoom to Fit
Shift 2 Zoom to Selection
Shift N Zoom to Previous Frame
N Zoom to Next Frame
PgUp Previous Page
PgDown Next Page
Home Find Previous Frame
End Find Next Frame


Shortcut Action
Ctrl B Bold
Ctrl I Italic
Ctrl U Underline
Ctrl Shift V Paste and Match Style
Ctrl Alt L Text Alight Left
Ctrl Alt T Text Align Center
Ctrl Alt R Text Align Right
Ctrl Alt J Text Align Justified
Ctrl Shift </> Adjust Font Size
Alt ,/. Adjust Letter Spacing
Alt Shift </> Adjust Line Height


Shortcut Action
P Pen
Shift P Pencil
B Paint Bucket (while editing shape)
Ctrl Bend Tool (while editing shape)
Alt / Remove Fill
/ Remove Stroke
Shift X Swap Fill and Stroke
Ctrl Shift O Outline Stroke
Ctrl E Flatten Selection
Ctrl J Join Selection (after selecting points)
Ctrl Shift J Smooth Join Selection (after selecting points)
Shift Backspace Delete and Heal Selection (after selecting points)


Shortcut Action
Ctrl A Select All
Ctrl Shift A Select Inverse
Esc Select None
Ctrl (click) Deep Select
Ctrl (right click) Select Layer Menu
Enter Select Child
Shift Enter Select Parents
Tab Select Next Sibling
Shift Tab Select Previous Sibling
Ctrl G Group Selection
Ctrl Shift G Ungroup Selection
Ctrl Alt G Frame Selection
Ctrl Shift H Show/Hide Selection
Ctrl Shift L Lock/Unlock Selection


Shortcut Action
Alt Measure to Selection (while pointing)
Alt Duplicate Selection (while moving)
Ctrl (click) Deep Select (while clicking)
Ctrl (right click) Select Layer Menu (while clicking)
Ctrl (drag) Deep Select Within Rectangle (while dragging to select)
Alt Resize from Center (while resizing)
Shift Resize Proportionally (while resizing)
Space Move While Resizing
Ctrl Ignore Constraints (Frames Only)


Shortcut Action
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl Shift V Paste Over Selection
Ctrl D Duplicate Selection in Place
Ctrl R Rename Selection
Ctrl Shift E Export
Ctrl Alt C Copy Properties
Ctrl Alt V Paste Properties


Shortcut Action
Shift H Flip Horizontal
Shift V Flip Vertical
Ctrl M Use as Mask
Enter Edit Shape or Image
Ctrl Shift K Place Image
Alt (click x2) Crop Image
1 Set Opacity to 10%
5 Set Opacity to 50%
0 Set Opacity to 100%


Shortcut Action
Ctrl ] Bring Forward
Ctrl [ Send Backward
Ctrl Alt ] Bring to Front
Ctrl Alt [ Send to Back
Alt A Align Left
Alt D Align Right
Alt W Align Top
Alt S Align Bottom
Alt H Align Horizontal Centers
Alt V Align Vertical Centers
Ctrl Alt T Tidy Up
Ctrl Alt H Distribute Horizontal Spacing
Ctrl Alt V Distribute Vertical Spacing


Shortcut Action
Alt 2 Show Components
Ctrl Shift O Team Library
Ctrl Shift K Create Component
Ctrl Shift B Detach Instance
Alt Swap Component Instance (while dragging from Assets)

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