Gnome Desktop

A visual cheat-sheet for Gnome Desktop

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Alt+Super+8 Turn zoom on or off
Alt+Super+= Zoom in
Alt+Super+- Zoom out


Shortcut Action
Super+F1 Launch Help Browser
Ctrl+Alt+T Launch Terminal


Shortcut Action
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R Record a screencast interactively
Shift+Print Take a screenshot
Print Take a screenshot interactively
Alt+Print Take a screenshot of a window


Shortcut Action
Super+N Focus the active notification
Super+L Lock screen
Ctrl+Alt+Del Log out
Super+F10 Open the application menu
Super+Escape Restore the keyboard shortcuts
Super+A Show all applications
Super+V Show the notification list
Super+S Show the overview
Alt+F2 Show the run command prompt


Shortcut Action
Super+space Switch to next typing source
Shift+Super+Space Switch to previous input source


Shortcut Action
Alt+Space Activate the window menu
Alt+F1 Close the window
Super+H Hide window
Super+Up Maximize window
Alt+F7 Move window
Alt+F8 Resize Window
Super+Down Restore window
Alt+F10 Toggle maximization state
Super+Left View split on left
Super+Right View split on right
Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Super+D Hide all normal windows
Super+Page Up Move to workspace on the left
Super+Page Down Move to workspace on the right
Shift+Super+Down Move window one monitor down
Shift+Super+Left Move window one monitor to the left
Shift+Super+Right Move window one monitor to the right
Shift+Super+Up Move window one monitor up
Shift+Super+Page Up Move window one workspace to the left
Shift+Super+Page Down Move window one workspace to the right
Shift+Super+End Move window to last workspace
Shift+Super+Home Move window to workspace 1
Super+Tab Switch applications
Ctrl+Alt+Tab Switch system controls
Ctrl+Alt+Escape Switch system controls directly
Super+End Switch to last workspace
Super+Home Switch to workspace 1
Alt+Tab Switch windows
Alt+Escape Switch windows directly
Alt+F6 Switch windows of an app directly
Super+ Switch windows of an application

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