Origami Studio

A visual cheat-sheet for the 71 keyboard shortcuts found in Origami Studio. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Action
Opt Enter Insert patch
Cmd Enter Insert layer
Cmd / Documentation


Shortcut Action
I Interaction
S Switch
A Pop animation
C Classic animation
T Transition
K Keyboard
D Delay
Shift I Option switch
O Option picker
X Splitter
W Wireless broadcaster
Shift W Wireless receiver
U Pulse
+ Add
- Minus
* Multiply
/ Divide
% Modulus or remainder
Shift A AND logic
Shift O OR logic
Shift N NOT logic
E Equals
> Greater than
< Less than
Shift R Progress
R Reverse progress

#Organizing Patches

Shortcut Action
Shift Enter Rename patch
Cmd [ Align patches left
Cmd ] Align patches right
Cmd Shift [ Align patches top
Cmd Shift ] Align patches bottom
Opt Ctrl C Insert comment around patches
Cmd Ctrl G Create patch component
Opt P Publish input or output port
Opt Down Enter patch component
Opt Up Exit patch component
Cmd Shift I Patch info
Cmd Opt L Add patch component to user library
Cmd Opt Shift L Add patch component to other library


Shortcut Action
Shift Enter Rename layer
Cmd Shift H Hide or show layer
Cmd Shift L Lock or unlock layer
Cmd Opt Up Bring forward
Cmd Opt Down Send backwards
Cmd Opt Shift Up Bring to front
Cmd Opt Shift Down Send to back
Cmd Opt M Mask layer
Cmd Opt Shift M Add to mask
Cmd G Group layers
Cmd Shift G Ungroup layers
Cmd Ctrl G Create layer component
Opt Down Enter component
Opt Up Exit component
Cmd Shift I Layer info
Cmd Opt L Add layer to user library
Cmd Opt Shift L Add layer to other library


Shortcut Action
Cmd R Restart prototype
Opt D Toggle device
Opt H Toggle hand
Cmd Opt F Mini viewer
Cmd Shift F Fullscreen viewer
Cmd Opt 0 1:1 viewer

#Number Inputs

Shortcut Action
Up Increase number by one
Down Decrease number by one
Shift Up Increase number by 10
Shift Down Decrease number by 10
Opt Up Increase number by 0.1
Opt Down Decrease number by 0.1

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