This cheatsheet provides the most commonly used SDKMAN! command line instructions

#Getting Started

#Installing SDKMAN!

Download SDKMAN!

$ curl -s "" | bash

Install SDKMAN!

$ source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"

Check the version

$ sdk version


$ sdk update


$ sdk help

#Installing and managing candidates

List all candidates

$ sdk list

List versions of a candidate

$ sdk list <candidate>

Install a candidate with the latest version

$ sdk install <candidate>

Install a candidate with specific version

$ sdk install <candidate> <version>

Temporarily switch between versions

$ sdk use <candidate> <version>

Permanently switch to version

$ sdk default <candidate> <version>

Display specific candidate version in use

$ sdk current <candidate>

Display all candidates versions in use

$ sdk current

Remove a candidate

$ sdk uninstall <candidate> <version>