A visual cheat-sheet for the 62 keyboard shortcuts found in Transmit. This application is MacOS-only.

#Keyboard Shortcuts

#Transmit Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd , Preferences...
Cmd H Hide Transmit
Cmd Opt H Hide others
Cmd Q Quit Transmit
Cmd Opt Q Quit and close all windows

#File Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd N New window
Cmd T New tab
Cmd Shift N New folder
Cmd Opt N New file
Cmd W Close tab
Cmd Shift W Close window
Cmd Opt W Close all
Cmd E Disconnect
Cmd O Open
Cmd S Save
Cmd B Preview in browser
Cmd I Get info
Cmd Opt I Show inspector
Cmd D Duplicate
Cmd Y Quick look at selected-file
Cmd P Print...

#Edit Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd Z Undo
Cmd Shift Z Redo
Cmd X Cut
Cmd C Copy
Cmd V Paste
Cmd A Select all
Cmd J Jump to selection
Cmd : Show spelling and grammar
Cmd ; Check spelling

#View Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd L Show transfers
Cmd Opt L Show transfers window
Cmd 1 View as thumbnails
Cmd 2 View as list
Cmd 3 View as columns
Cmd 4 View as cover flow
Cmd R Refresh
Cmd Shift B Show invisible files
Cmd Shift S Hide places bar
Cmd Shift J Show view options
Cmd Ctrl F Enter full screen
Cmd Opt Left Focus on local
Cmd Opt Right Focus on remote

#Go Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd [ Back
Cmd ] Forward
Cmd Up Enclosing folder
Cmd Opt G Go to folder...
Cmd Opt T Open in terminal
Cmd Shift L Link folder navigation
Cmd K Connect to last used protocol

#Transfer Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift R Transfer selected items
Cmd Opt Shift R Transfer selected items without rules
Cmd . Cancel

#Servers Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd Shift A Add new server
Cmd Shift F Show quick connect
Cmd Shift I Edit server

#Window Menu

Shortcut Action
Cmd M Minimize
Cmd Opt M Minimize all
Ctrl Tab Select next tab
Ctrl Shift Tab Select previous tab
Cmd Ctrl T Transcript
Cmd Opt I Show inspector

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